* picturers by Lisa Klappe                                                                          
Surprising, contemporary and true to life, FASHIONCLASH BRAZIL was an exhibition of fashion and photos, including a documentary produced last year on a development project in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza.
In August of 2006, a group of young fashion designers from the Netherlands traveled to the coastal city of Fortaleza, in northern Brazil. They spent four weeks there, working with Brazilian designers and dressmakers on a line of clothing for a textile workshop in the favelas of Fortaleza. Opened to offer work to ex-prostitutes, the workshop was made possible by a loan from development bankers Banco Palmas. The result is a surprising clothing collection designed to lend creative impetus to Fortaleza's textile industry.  The collections also perfectly complemented the fashion image of both Brazil and the Netherlands.
A photographer and a film team created a pictorial record of the project. The photos – both documentary and posed – depict all the designs and give an all-round impression of the city's inhabitants. Despite poverty and the ever-present sex tourism in Fortaleza, they seemed remarkably optimistic. The documentary confirms this, giving a realistic behind-the-scenes look at conditions in Brazil, in the form of interviews with those concerned and reports on daily life. 
The project in Brazil culminated in a fashion show. It was such a resounding success that a number of participants in the project decided to combine the clothing collection and images and bring them to the Netherlands, in the contemporary FASHIONCLASH BRAZIL. With the help of its sponsor, DSM, the exhibition opens its doors on Friday May 11, 2007. After the official opening [with fashion show], FASHIONCLASH BRAZIL [with all the designs, a selection of photographs and clips from the documentary] remained open to visitors at the DSM's Sittard and Heerlen offices until Sunday, August 19, 2007.  
An initiative by: Els Petit, Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper, Lisa Klappe.
All participants in the project:
Dutch designers: Alei Verspoor, Bazilia Gomes Diaz, Branko Popovic, Fabienne de Moulin, Franciscus van der Meer, Mascha van Wely, Nawie Kuiper, Stefanie Klompenhouwer, Tineke Hopman, Ursula Pelt.
Brazilian designers: Ana Leopoldina Simões Marques, Bruna Guesdes, Catarina Paiva Carneiro, Cristina Pereira Kapazi, Faradiba Lima do Nascimento, Jordão Tomé Menezes, Luziara Monticelo, Maria Targlana A. Rocha, Raquel de Aquiak Cordeiro.
Coordinator: Els Petit Photographer: Lisa Klappe.
Film team: Director : Hopi Chopman,Henk van Arkel [Strohalm & Instrodi], Daniel Borba Lefèvre, Geert Stokman, Erik Jaspers, Ivar Gloudemans, Antonia Guzman, Têmis Nicolaidis, Richard Beneder.